"Appreciation is a wonderful thing: It makes what is excellent in others belong to us as well."  ~Voltaire
Charles E. Schadler Award
Plaque and $300: Presented to that individual who has made a long-term commitment and outstanding contributions to the principles of humane laboratory animal care and UNYB AALAS.

Allentown, Inc. Award
Plaque and $250: Presented by Allentown, Inc. to a facility operations manager or a facility supervisor who has proven themselves as an outstanding manager. AALAS certification is preferred but not mandatory. This person must be a member in good standing of the UNYB and encourage participation in the branch.

Ancare Award
Plaque and $100: Presented by Ancare, Inc. to an animal caretaker or veterinary technician who has made an outstanding contribution to the facility where he or she is located. This person must be either ALAT, LAT or LATG certified and must belong to the UNYB AALAS.

Harlan Teklad Award
Plaque and $100: Presented to the person who has made an outstanding contribution to the UNYB-AALAS.

Purina Mills Prolab Award
Plaque or pewter mug and $100: Presented to a person whose primary responsibility is the husbandry (feeding, handling, and care) of laboratory animals. The criteria for nomination are as follows:
  • Daily contact with the animals of one or more species by handling, feeding, watering, changing bedding, etc.
  • Demonstrates positive attitude towards the welfare of the animals.
  • Performs animal care related duties as well or better than the expected level of performance for the facility.
  • Pursuit of knowledge in the field of animal care should be present, i.e. any course work, formal training, etc.
  • Innovative approaches to animal husbandry related problems should be cited.
All considerations being equal, candidates having current membership in UNYB AALAS or national AALAS will be given preference. NOTE: Supervisory responsibility and formal degrees are NOT important considerations for this award. An additional $50 will be donated by Purina Mills to the AALAS Foundation in the award recipient's name.

Technician of the Year Award(s)
Certificate, paperweight, 1-yr free membership to UNYB, $200: At least one, and as many as two, Technician of the Year Awards will be available to animal caretakers and veterinary technicians, who have a great deal of interest in the field of laboratory animal science and is ALAT certified or working towards ALAT certification or higher certification. In addition, the nominee should be interested in the activities and principles of AALAS, and should have demonstrated that interest in some special way. The purpose of this award is to stimulate interest in humane animal care and to our branch. Therefore, current membership is not mandatory at either the branch or national level. Current members will not be excluded from consideration.

Sam Martin Upstate Branch Scholarship Awards
Certificate, paperweight, and $500: The scholarship will be awarded to three (3) veterinary science technology students who will be in the second semester their freshman year, according to the following criteria: 1. The student will have a B+ or better average to date. 2. The student must have a high degree of skill in "hands-on" techniques in the area of laboratory animal science. 3. The student must show an interest in pursuing a career in the biomedical research community by enrolling in courses relevant to the field. 4. The student is in financial need of extra funding sources.

The student nominated for the scholarship will write an essay expressing their goals for education and employment that would reflect their interest in a career that articulates with AALAS. From the nominees, the faculty of any accredited veterinary science technology program that exists in the UNYB AALAS geographical area will choose a candidate(s) for the scholarship. They will send their recommendations on to the branch awards committee and the committee will choose the recipient(s).

Allied Trades Award
Plaque: The nominee will be a person affiliated with the allied trades, who has demonstrated leadership and service within the UNYB research community. Attendance at meetings with a genuine interest in assisting the UNYB AALAS and the research community in pursuing their goals is required. It is not a requirement to have held or to hold an office within the UNYB. There should be a minimum of 5 years continuous, sustained activity within the UNYB.

“Best Newsletter Article” Award
The recipient will receive a Certificate of Achievement and a check for $100.00. The criteria for the award are as follows:

The author must be a member of UNYB AALAS.  The article must be original to the author.  The article or tip must be at least 75 words.  Articles published in September, November, January and March will be eligible for the Award the following September.  The three best articles of the year (as determined by the Editor) will be forwarded to the Awards Committee for a final decision.  The Editor of the Newsletter is not eligible for this award.

The Bio-Serv Enhancement or Improvement of Animal Welfare Award
Sponsored by Bio-Serv, the award consists of a plaque and $150 honorarium. This award is presented annually to a person who has exhibited a positive impact to enrich, enhance and or improve the lives of animals or their work environment in regards to animal welfare.

  1. Has enriched the lives of the animals they work with
  2. Has enhanced the living environment for the animal colonies they work with
  3. Has positively impacted research and the morale of the animal care staff with improvements
  4. Has displayed the 3 R's (reduction, refinement, replacement) in their plan for enhancement and improvement.
  5. Has reduced or eliminated distress or created other benefits for the animals they work with.
  1. A person within the UNYB must nominate the candidate
  2. The person nominated does not need to be a member of UNYB
Travel Award
The Upstate New York Branch of  AALAS is pleased to offer members who wish to apply for financial assistance in order to attend meetings, workshops, seminars or training programs.

The applicant must:
  • be a current UNYB member in good standing
  • submit completed application form to UNYB council to request to be considered for the stipend
  • have a letter of recommendation from his/her supervisor
  • give a short presentation at the next meeting or submit an article for the newsletter

$1,500.00 is allotted per year for travel funds. Recipients will receive up to $500.00 to assist in their travel, lodging, registration and food. Original receipts along with an expense form will be submitted to the Treasurer within one month of the program completion.

All applications must be submitted to the Chair of the Education Committee. Application information will be printed in the Newsletter, and applicants will be notified of the committee's decision once a decision is made.

Applications will be reviewed by the Education Committee twice a year. Deadlines are the March UNYB council meeting for stipend towards District or Annual meeting function, and the September UNYB council meeting for stipend towards national meeting.

Applicants cannot apply for two awards in one calendar year nor for the same award two years in a row.

Award recipient will be announced at the following meeting and in the newsletter.